New York City Pub Trivia Comes to Cazenovia  for Forum Fundraiser

21 Aug
CAZENOVIA, NY – Supporters of the Cazenovia Forum will have the opportunity to demonstrate their trivia skills as part of a New York City style pub quiz fundraising event to support the long-running lecture series, to be held on Saturday, September 19 at 6:00pm at the Route 20 Sofa Company in Nelson.
Serving as quizmaster for the evening will be Tony Hightower, Executive Director of TriviaNYC, New York’s longest running and best-loved trivia event company, which performs regular live public trivia nights at bars and other venues throughout the city. During the nine years Hightower has been in the quiz business, he’s taken the organization from a once-a-week quiz night in a downtown dive bar to a national phenomenon, serving thousands of quizzers in all four corners of the continent and around the world.
Hightower himself is a nationally known trivia champion and impresario, having appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy!, Cash Cab and, just recently, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? He has written a weekly trivia column for Open Letters Monthly, as well as serving as the Marketing Director and Master of Ceremonies for the Trivia Championships of North America, held every summer in Las Vegas.
In addition to an evening of lively fun and quiz-team spirit, event-goers will be treated to delicious pub fare and locally produced spirits. Those interested in attending are encouraged to form their own teams of six to eight people. Individuals or couples may choose to attend as spectators or to be assigned to a team.
Seating is limited and tickets are available at $150 and $75, along with $50 for anyone age 40 and under, with proceeds going to support the Forum’s activities in bringing national and internationally known speakers to Cazenovia to present viewpoints on current events and issues. Information on how to purchase tickets is available by calling 315-264-1705.
“Anyone who has been to a pub quiz night in New York City knows how much fun it can be, and so we thought we’d bring a real trivia quizmaster from the Big Apple to Cazenovia so we can make it happen right here,” said Diane Clark, President of the Cazenovia Forum. “Get ready for a night of challenging quizzes, boisterous competition and a few surprises we are cooking up.”
The Cazenovia Forum is a 501 (c)( 3), not-for-profit organization established in 2006 by community members focused on promoting the understanding and discussion of national and international issues. By organizing and underwriting lecture events featuring nationally-known experts, the group intends to further Cazenovia’s commitment to knowledge-seeking and community involvement. More information can be found at

Next Cazenovia Forum:  A Look Inside the CIA and its Controversies

6 Aug


CAZENOVIA, NY – John Rizzo, dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as “the most influential career lawyer in CIA history,” and who served as the agency’s chief legal officer in the years immediately following 9/11, will deliver the next Cazenovia Forum lecture on the 14th anniversary of the attacks, Friday, September 11 at 7pm at the Catherine Cummings Theatre in Cazenovia.

Admission to the event is free of charge. A reception will follow.

Over a 34 year career with the CIA, Rizzo made sweeping legal calls on virtually

Credit: Jay Malin Photography

every major issue facing the spy agency, from rules governing waterboarding, “enhanced interrogation” and drones to answering for the Iran Contra scandal.

Rizzo is the author of Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA, a narrative of his rise from junior lawyer to chief legal counsel that parallels the transformation of the CIA itself from cloak-and-dagger Cold War bureaucracy to a multi-faceted anti-terrorism enterprise. During this time, the agency became exposed to new laws, rules, and a seemingly never-ending string of public controversies.

The book has received critical acclaim for its candid, insider’s look at American intelligence. According to NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, “Company Man reads like the CIA’s conscience: what the CIA was thinking as it shifted from collecting information to killing terrorists after 9/11? Why did the CIA violently interrogate suspects and then destroy the evidence? Rizzo knows, and he’s talking.”

Rizzo was hired at the CIA in 1976 and by 1979 he became the staff lawyer for the Directorate of Operations, the CIA’s clandestine branch. He served as the liaison between the CIA and the congressional investigators studying the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s. In November 2001, he was named Acting General Counsel, a position in which he served from late 2001 to late 2002 and from mid-2004 until late 2009. In the interim period he served as Deputy General Counsel.

The Bush administration nominated Rizzo as General Counsel of the CIA in mid-2007, but Democratic Senator Ron Wyden blocked his confirmation by the Senate Intelligence Committee due to his involvement in approving the CIA’s interrogation practices during the war on terror. The Bush administration withdrew his nomination, but kept Rizzo as Acting General Counsel until his retirement in October 2009.

Rizzo received the Thomas C. Clark Award from the Federal Bar Association and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the highest recognition awarded to a career CIA officer.

The event is sponsored by Fastrac Markets, LLC, which helped underwrite the cost of bringing Rizzo to Cazenovia.

The Cazenovia Forum is a 501 (c)( 3), not-for-profit organization established in 2006 by community members focused on promoting the understanding and discussion of national and international issues. By organizing and underwriting lecture events featuring nationally-known experts, the group intends to further Cazenovia’s commitment to knowledge-seeking and community involvement. More information can be found at

Ukraine Conflict in the Spotlight as Cazenovia Forum Hosts Top Foreign Affairs Expert

13 Apr

CAZENOVIA, NY – The conflict in Ukraine will be the focus of the next Cazenovia Forum lecture and discussion, as one of America’s leading experts on the region presents an in-depth look at the Ukrainian government’s struggle with pro-Russian separatists and their backers in Moscow.

The presentation by Adrian Karatnycky, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council of theU.S., will take place on Friday, May 1, at 7pm in the Morgan Room of Hubbard Hall at Cazenovia College.  Please note this is a change from our usual venue.  The event is free of charge and will be followed by a reception, at which audience members will have an opportunity to further engage the speaker.

The topic of Karatnycky’s presentation will be “The Conflict in Ukraine: Civil War or Russian Aggression?”

The crisis in Ukraine began with anti-government demonstrations in November 2013 when pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych’s government abandoned a deal with the European Union in favor of stronger ties with Russia.  The street protests led to Yanukovich’s resignation and the formation of a new government, following which Russia invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula, a move largely condemned by the international community.  Since then, and despite a recent ceasefire agreement, fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Moscow-supported separatists has continued in the eastern part of the country, with more than 6,000 people dead and more than 1.5 million displaced.

The co-author and editor of more than 20 books on East European and human rights topics, Karatnycky is widely regarded as one of the nation’s top analysts on the situation in Ukraine.  His writings regularly appear in Foreign Affairs magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and other periodicals. He also appears regularly on the PBS Newshour and on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

For more than a decade he was president of Freedom House, major pro-democracy and economic reform organization, where he headed its widely-known survey of Freedom in the World and developed and supervised the Nations in Transit survey that annually monitors the post-Communist transition.  He had earlier served as Assistant to the President of the AFL-CIO, where in the 1980s he was responsible for coordinating assistance to Poland’s Solidarity and other underground opposition movements of Central and Eastern Europe that were ultimately successful their efforts to break free from the Soviet Union.

Karatnycky has also served as co-director of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on the US and the United Nations (2003-4), as co-director of the first World Forum on Democracy (2000), and was a member of the United Nations Blue Ribbon Commission on Ukraine (2005).


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