Coming September 28: Colgate Professor, Nancy Ries on Thugocracy: Oligarchs, Mafias, the Kremlin & the Trump Presidency

21 Aug

Nancy Ries.png

Nancy Ries

Sept. 28 7pm at Catherine Cummings Theatre

Thugocracy: Oligarchs, Mafias, the Kremlin & the Trump Presidency

Nancy Ries is Christian A. Johnson Chair in Liberal Arts Studies, Director of the Division of University Studies, and Professor of Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies at Colgate University. Her specialty is contemporary Russia. She is fluent in Russian and has done extensive field research in Moscow and other cities since the 1980s.

Among her publications are the 1997 book, Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation during Perestroika, which won the Barbara Heldt Book Prize, and a 2009 article Potato Ontology: Surviving Post-Socialism in Russia which won the Cultural Anthropology Horizons Prize. She has published on state capture and the Russian mafia, everyday life theory and traumatic violence, and nuclear weapons discourse, She is currently researching the Kremlin’s nuclear saber-rattling after the takeover of Crimea, and is writing a book on thugocracy for Cornell University Press.

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