July 12 – Utica: The Last Refuge

4 Jul

Documentary Film

“Utica: The Last Refuge”

July 12, 2019
7:00 pm
Catherine Cumminsg Theater at Cazenovia College

Utica: The Last Refuge is an intimate portrait of a city and the refugees it has welcomed for 40 years. Now with a population that is nearly 25 percent refugees, Utica is rebuilding itself with their immense contribution.  As recently shown on PBS News Hour, this feature-length film will document the impact of an influx of refugees on a once dying industrial American city. After decades of decline and a loss of nearly half its population, Utica has welcomed 16,000 refugees — from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Via interwoven stories and some expert analysis shot over two years, the filmmakers paint a portrait of a city that is reaping unexpected benefits from its kindness. It is a case study about immigration in the United States today.

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